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Welcome to the Morning Light Counseling Library! This online mental health resource library contains information designed to help you help you find effective, practical solutions to problems such as depression, anxiety, pornography addiction, and marital conflict. It is also designed to point you to resources that can create more resilience, wellness, and joy in life.


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Our online library of books, articles, handouts, and other resources can help you find powerful, practical ways to help yourself or a loved one through life's challenges, finding joy and strength in the process.

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How Can a Resource Library Be Useful?

1. Adjunct to Counseling

Self-help resources can greatly expedite the process of therapy, saving time and money, helping you and your therapist identify the most efficient, effective road to recovery, providing guidance along the way. 

2. Skill Building and Self - Help

Many people find that when they have the right information in their hands, they can set in motion some significant growth in themselves and in their families, even if they're not currently in professional counseling.  

3. Understand and Support Others

Many find that, though they may not be struggling themselves, they can educate themselves about struggles afflicting others, so they can effectively help provide support, direction, and understanding.

4. Helping Professionals

The information on this site can also provide helpful reference materials for counselors, clergy, and interns - both to guide their own healing efforts, and to be a direct resource they can refer to those they serve.

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