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One of our major objectives for this site is to identify quality resources to help you and your loved ones to resolve emotional and relationship challenges.  Books are one of the cheapest but most powerful ways to solve problems, expand the benefits of therapy sessions, and facilitate self-help. So we have created 2 resources to help identify books we regard as the most helpful, on a variety of therapeutic topics:

1) Bookstore 
This specialized, topically organized, online mental health bookstore is made available through links to It provides a comprehensive list of books carefully selected by Morning Light Counseling on a variety of topics. 

2) Best Books 
Find this as the top article in each topic area on the site. Each provides a "short list" with links to books we most often refer to, and regard as "the best of the best."  Often, research on a given topic can be greatly facilitated by studying these book listings online - even if no purchase is made. 

We hope you will find these resources useful, as you seek to master the challenges of your life,
and find joy and positive growth in the process. 


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