Depressed WomanProviding tools and information to promote depression recovery has always been one of the core purposes of this site, and continues to be one of its primary missions.   Here is an overview of the resources on depression recovery available here:

 1) Handouts on Depression (MOST POPULAR) - 20 handouts in printable PDF format, on various aspects of depression recovery. 

2) Handouts on CBT (POPULAR) - 13 handouts in printable PDF format, on techniques for depression recovery drawn from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), one of the most well-researched and effective methods for treating depression, anxiety, anger, and other emotional challenges.

3) Christ-Centered Healing from Depression (POPULAR) - Resources based on Carrie Wrigley's Education Week talk on the same topic.    These include a 55-minute video lecture, a transcript of the video, an 8-minute mp3 introduction, and resources the series was based on.   This approach is anchored in "The Diamond Model," an integrative model for understanding and treating depression that draws on the most effective methods, gathered into a cohesive whole.    This is taught in a religious context (LDS/Christian) that promotes spiritual as well as emotional healing.

4) Healing from Depression: Practical Steps Up to Wellness - This 9-part series of articles by Carrie Wrigley goes into more detail about the recovery process, and the practical skills involved.   It is appropriate for both religious and non-religious audiences, and is an excellent follow-up to #3, going into more detail, and providing practical steps to guide recovery.

5) Chemical Imbalance - What the Research Says - An article outlining findings on the "chemical imbalance theory" of depression, exploring 1 - "How well supported is the chemical imbalance theory by solid scientific research?;  2 - Is it helpful or unhelpful to believe this theory?;   3 -What are the pros and cons of antidepressant use?; and 4 - What alternatives for depression treatment exist?

6) Best Books on Depression - A listing of best books on depression recovery.  Many additional resources can be found in the "Healing Depression" section of the Bookstore on this site.


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