Logo LDSThese handouts were used in a recent class about promoting respect in marriage, and neutralizing pornography and pornification of our culture. They are all in PDF format, for easy download: 

Handout 1: Promoting Respect (Quotes from LDS leaders)
Handout 2: Defending Against Pornography, In All Its Forms
Handout 3: Porn and Media: (Why they can be so addictive and powerful)
Background Article 1: "Ye Are the Temple of God"  (Bednar, 2000 - Importance of Our Bodies)
Background Article 2: "Things As They Really Are"  (Bednar, 2009 - Discerning Cyber-Counterfeits)
Background Article 3: "Marriage Is Essential to His Eternal Plan" (Bednar, 2006 - Need for Couple Time)