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1) The 4 T's: How Relationships Change Over Time A 3-stage grid tracking the development, erosion, and repair of a relationship.

2) Sharing Responsibilities: Managing the BBET's.  Helps identify "boring but essential tasks" in a marriage, to distribute these equitably.

3) Your Relationship Toolkit: 12 Strategies to Improve Your Connection.  A grid comparing what strengthen a relationship, versus what weakens it.

4) The 5 Love Languages - Overview.   A summary of the 5 love languages, what to do and what to avoid for each of these. (Gary Chapman)

5) Marital Satisfaction Scale.   A checklist to help couples identify current strengths and weaknesses of their marriage.

6) SLS: Sexual Likelihood Scale.  A grid identifying the many factors impacting physical intimacy in marriage. 


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