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1) The BASK Model - 4 Dimensions of Trauma Processing. (1p.)  Shows 4 dimensions of experience affected by trauma, and how trauma awareness arrives, and in what order.  References the parts of the brain associated with these 4 dimensions.

2) The SIPAF Model - Assessing Impact of Abuse or Trauma. (1 p.) Identifies 5 major categories of possible impact, with 2 sub-categories in each category. Provides a numeric scale to assess level of impact in each area.

3) The Power and Control Wheel. (1 p.) A classic guide to recognizing the elements of abuse in a relationship, particularly a domestic violence situation.

4) Cycle of Abuse : Domestic Violence.  (2 p.) Provides a graphic summarizing the 4 phases in a domestic violence situation. Also provides a description of each phase.

5) Forgiveness - What It Is, and What It Isn't.  (1 p.) Providing 6 specific steps to follow in the process of forgiveness and moving on. 

6) A Match - Or a Mosaic?  Dealing with Traumatic Triggers  (1 p.)  Introducing the need for Discrimination Training for trauma resolution. 


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