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1) Gender Differences - A Summary This 2-page handout summarizes core differences between men and women, and provides tips for bridging those differences.

2) Communication 1 - A Central Skill Created originally for a business group, this 2-page handout discusses the importance of effective communication, and outlines core skills for achieving it.

3) Communication 2 - Genderspeak Created originally for a business group, this 2-page handout compares communication styles of men and women, and suggests strategies for bridging the difference, both in business and in personal life.

4) Equal Partners A handout created for an LDS couples group, defining differences between men and women, and providing training in communication skills and other strategies to build a mutually respectful partnership in marriage. (LDS)

5) Education Week Outline, "Male and Female Created He Them" Summarizes main points of Carrie's 4-hour course on gender differences; and provides references. (LDS)

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