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1) Your Happiness Toolkit - 16 Strategies.  A compare-and-contrast document, identifying factors the build and strengthen happiness - versus those that erode it. 

2) Emotional Spiral - Up or Down. The 16 strategies arranged as a self-assessment tool, to determine the direction of emotional energy, positive or negative.

3) Your Happiness Toolkit Checklist  A self-assessment tool, to assess how many happiness strategies are being implemented and to what extent - or not. 

4) Wellness Grid.  A worksheet for goal setting and coping strategies, drawing on physical, mental, spiritual, and social elements of life. 

5) The Triune Brain.  An anatomical  model,  describing the placement and function of 3 core parts of the brain, and why they are all crucial for optimal mental wellness. 

6) 3 Timelines 3 different formats for timeline work:  1) Trauma Timeline    2) Balanced Timeline   3) Mosaic Timeline

7) 3 P's of Perfectionism.  Outlining the sequence (Perfectionism - Procrastination - Paralysis) and a cognitive strategy for overcoming it. 

7) Building Blocks to Emotional WellnessThis 2-page handout outlines the major elements of emotional wellness.

8) Maslows's Hierarchy of Needs  A one-page graphic summarizing Abraham Maslow's description of prioritized human needs.

9) Diet for Emotional WellnessThis one-page handout summarizes foods promoting emotional wellness with those that promote depression and other emotional disorders.

10) Education Week Outline, "Emotional Wellness." Summarizes main points of Carrie's 4-hour course on emotional wellness; with references. (LDS)


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