Logo LDSAt Morning Light Counseling, a sizable majority of our counseling clients are LDS. Often, the issues these clients struggle with contain a spiritual component, which accurate, helpful information can help resolve, as part of their healing process.

Also, many of our public presentations and programs are for LDS audiences. It is anticipated that many visitors to this site will therefore be LDS, and will have specific interest in an LDS view of the various issues discussed in this online library. However, some site visitors may not be LDS, and might prefer to focus on the more general, non-LDS content.

To assist both both LDS and non-LDS visitors, we have tagged all LDS-specific content with the "LDS icon" seen on the top left of this page. These articles refer to LDS scriptures and doctrines, and draw on the writings of LDS leaders and members.

This icon also makes LDS content searchable on our site. For example, type"LDS depression" into the "Search" box on the top right, and within a few seconds, links to all the LDS-oriented articles about depression on the site will appear. This can be an extremely helpful resource for those seeking to prepare talks or lessons for LDS audiences, or to complement their own LDS-oriented personal or family study.

Those preferring to gather information for a more general audience, or for their own more general use, can simply skip over those articles containing the LDS icon, and focus on the other content.


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