Logo LDSThroughout its history, the LDS church has taught the sanctity and importance of marriage, as the foundation of family life, and as an essential building block in communities and civilizations.     Almost from their infancy, LDS children are taught to prepare for a temple marriage, and to look forward to their future role as a husband or wife.  Certainly, however, LDS marriages are not immune to difficulties or heartbreaks.   Whle there are many insightful articles to choose from, these have been some of our favorites, on the topic of honoring and strengthening marriage.

Favorite Articles: 

Salt Lake Temple

First Presidency and Quorum of the TwelveThe Family: A Proclamation to the World   (Introduced Sept. 23, 1995.  The central, guiding LDS  pronouncement regarding marriage and the family, teaching principles for establishing and maintaining harmonious relationships within families.)

Jeffrey R Holland

Jeffrey R. Holland, “Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments,” delivered at BYU on 12 January 1988 in the  Marriott Center.  (The best LDS talk ever given on sexual intimacy in marriage, and what it is intended by the Creator to represent.)

Joe J Christensen

Joe J. Christensen, “Marriage and the Great Plan of Happiness,” Ensign, May 1995, 64 (8 keys to build and maintain a successful marriage, including :  "Avoid 'ceaseless pinpricking.' Don’t be too critical of each other’s faults. Recognize that none of us is perfect... 'Ceaseless pinpricking' (as President Kimball called it), can deflate almost any marriage.")

David A Bednar

David A. Bednar,  Marriage Is Essential to His Eternal Plan" Worldwide Leadership Training, Feb. 2006 (The central role of the family; Fortifying marriage against Satan's attacks;  The importance of spouses spending time together; complementarity of male and female contributions to a successful family.)


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