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1) Spectrum Scheduling.  A unique time management tool, to foster balance between work time and other priorities, and to help prevent burnout. 

2) Priority Grid - 4 Quadrants.  A grid noting how urgent and/or important various tasks are, to determine priority and sequence of tasks. (Covey)

3) Teensy Task Technique A 4-step sequence for breaking large complex tasks down into manageable chunks.

4) LIfebalance.  A format by Linda and Richard Eyre, to balance work, family, and self in planning time.  (Eyre)

5) 4 F's for Improving Productivity and Motivation.  A 4-stage model to help accomplish needed tasks at work and at home. 

6) Goals, Past and Future - A helpful grid for goal-setting, reviewing past achievements and future goals, in a variety of core areas.

7) Circle of Concern, Circle of Influence.  Discerning what you have control over, and what you don't, to best use your time and energy.  (Covey)

8) Tabled Summary. A grid worksheet identifying tasks by category and day, to help identify priority and sequnce of different tasks. 

9) 5 P's of Production. 5 necessary steps to get anything published or produced, guided by 5 clear phases of development.


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