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Spirituality is a precious and empowering attribute that can greatly expand our capacity for wellness and joy in life.  It consists of seeing a bigger picture - seeing how we fit in the larger scheme of things - what we contribute - what purposes we fulfill - what part we play in the unfolding drama of human life.

For some people, spirituality includes attachment to a particular religious faith, or active participation in a religious community.  For others, spirituality may be found most abundantly on mouintaintop, or in a tree-lined forest, or even just in writing in their own personal journal. Some people enjoy both religious and non-religious elements of spirituality.  In whatever form resonates with the individual, spirituality contributes greatly to wellness, peace, and a sense of purpose in life. The resources in this section can help contribute to the development of heartfelt, powerful spirituality. 


These are our favorite books on healing / utilizing spirituality:

  1. Believing Christ: The Parable of the Bicycle and Other Good News, by Stephen E. Robinson
  2. Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl
  3. The Continuous Atonement, by Brad Wilcox
  4. Disappointment With God: Three Questions No One Asks Aloud, by Philip Yancey



For more books on additional topics, please visit our Best Books Catalog.

These are our favorite healing music selections:

      1.  Trust In The Lord, by Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW
      2.  Hold On To Hope, by Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW
      3.  Love's Umbrella,  by Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW 



For books on additional topics, please visit our Best Books Catalog.

icon-pdf-(All in PDF format)

1) Personalizing the Power of the Atonement: Which of These Powers Do You Need Today?  A 4-step model (HARP) to customize this significant resource to meet one's own needs and challenges.

2) Forgiveness - What It Is, and What It Isn't.  Providing 6 specific steps to follow in the process of forgiveness and moving on. 

3) 3 Timelines 3 different formats for timeline work:  1) Trauma Timeline    2) Balanced Timeline   3) Mosaic Timeline

Created for a class of BYU students on June 30, 2019, this >6-page downloadable handout summarizes the process of intentionally learning:  

  1. how to be happy, even in a challenging world, and
  2. how  to  create  happy,  long-term  relationships.

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