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 Busy Female WorkerWe live in a busy world, getting busier all the time.  Both men and women, teens and children seem to be constantly occupied with a bombardment of pressures, scheduled events, entertainments, and distractions. Our work hours seem to get longer and longer, crowding out other activities and enjoyments.   Then after work, we may often compensate for the pressures of work by coming home to hours of screen time - whether that be TV, Facebook, internet browsing, video gaming, or Netflix.   We keep our smart phones with us constantly, creating a ever-present connection with the outside world through messaging, texts, emails and phone calls.   We seem pulled in a thousand directions, without a break.   We may compensate by trying to multi-task; but sometimes that leaves us even more overwhelmed and unproductive than before. 

What impact can this frantic lifestyle have on our marriages and relationships with our children and other family members?  Plenty.  Time is one of the fundamental languages of love, and is a key element in all the others.   If time is in short supply in a close relationship, love will soon feel like an accompanying casualty.   Like an unwatered plant, even the best relationship can wither, become weak and sickly, or even die from a lack of consistent care.  

How can we turn around this destructive trend, and find the time to preserve, protect, and nourish our most important relationships?  Here's 3 key suggestions to help:

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